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Mike's Deer Mike from Pennsylvania has great success after planting a few acres of Whitetail Refuge and Eagle beans. During the early season, he was blessed to kill this giant, who visited his plots frequently. Congrats Mike!
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Whitetail Refuge
Droptine Pear Flavored Minerals

Drop Tine is a high quality pear flavored mineral that is used to increase antler mass and help with doe gestation and lactation. It has a 2:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus. The salt is mined in the USA and contains 60 trace minerals. Other mineral companies use inferior solar evaporated salt. It also contains real sugar and is infused with Vitamins A, D, and E.

20 pound bag $29.99 Free Shipping

20 pound bag $19.99 -- Local pickup only
35 pound bucket $39.99 -- Local pickup only

Soil Test

Soil tester kit will check the PH level, Nitrogen levels, Potash, and Phosphorus.

40 tests total - 10 per element - $24.99

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Whitetail Hemp

A never seen before elite blend of sunn hemp, cosmos flowers, morning glory vine, frostmaster peas, sunflowers and bonar forage rape. Kill weeds, disc, drag, and pack late July in Midwest for best results.

5 pound bag - plants 3/8 acre - $39.99

20 pound bucket - plants 1.5 acres - $119.00

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Whitetail Jungle Whitetail Jungle Product

Whitetail Jungle is an awesome new food plot that gives deer screening, bedding, cover and a food source that grows up to 10 feet tall in one growing season. This is accomplished with a unique, easy-to-grow mix of 40% Forage Sorghum, 20% Grain Sorghum, 20% Hairy Vetch and 20% Buckwheat. The Hairy Vetch deposits nitrogen back into the soil, which benefits the Grain Sorghum and Egyptian Wheat's growth. For best results, plan May-June, after freeze danger.

5 pound bag - plants 1/4 acre - $29.99

20 pound bucket - plants 1 acre - $79.99

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Whitetail Refuge Whitetail Refuge Product

Whitetail Refuge is an annual fall food plot designed to give you an edge over neighboring plots. It contains a special mix of Hybrid Sweet Corn, Peredovik Sunflowers, Frostmaster Forage Peas, and Cow Peas that will give your deer a sweet,nutritional buzz they will find addicting. Seal the deal this season with Whitetail Refuge. For best results Round-up weeds prior to planting in late July in the Midwest.

5 pound bag - plants 1/4 acre - $29.99

20 pound bucket - plants 1 acre - $79.99

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Whitetail Bulbs

Whitetail Bulbs is a late fall through winter annual food plot that drives deer crazy and provides them with sustenance for those cold winter months. This high quality recipe for success contains 25% Green Globe Turnips, 25% Golden Ball Turnips, 25% Bonar Forage Rape, and 25% Appin Turnips. For best results, plan to plant in late July in the midwest.

5 pound bag - plants 3/4 acre - $49.99

Free Shipping

Whitetail Bulbs

Whitetail Manna is a premium perennial food plot that serves as a heavenly food source for whitetail deer. The blend of 30% Alfalfa, 30% Ladino Clover, 20% Birdsfoot Trefoil, and 20% Annual Rye Grass give deer a one of a kind nutritional food plot. Whitetail Manna is inoculated and coated for maximum results. For best results, Roundup weeds twice and plant late spring or fall.

4 pound bag - plants 3/8 acre - $39.99

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Roundup Ready Forage Soybeans and Corn For Deer and Cattle

Large Lad Roundup Ready Forage Soybeans Roundup Ready Eagle Seeds Large Lad Forage Soybeans Quality Deer Management Association Recommended
Roundup Ready

Eagle Seed Large Lad and Big Fellow are Roundup Ready which means Roundup can be sprayed directly on the soybean plant with no harm done. QDMA recommends these forge soybeans that have up to 42% leaf protein and are the tallest of any bean on the market. They also have awesome leaf regeneration speed after deer browse.

Roundup Ready Spring Canola

Roundup Ready Spring Canola Deer like to eat the flowers in the summer and the greens in the fall. Grows up to 3 feet tall.
1 50lb Bag Plants 10 Acres


Buck Forage Oats

Oats Gives deer greens to eat in the Winter and Spring. Should be planted around August - September.
1 50lb Bag Plants 1/2 Acre


Clearfield Sunflowers

Appin Turnip Forage Brassica Annual. Plant in the springtime after frost danger. Use Beyond Herbicide to kill weeds while sunflowers grow strong and tall. Deer love greens birds love the seeds.

One bag plants 7 acres

Waterfowl Keeper

25% Long Grain Rice
25% Medium Grain Rice
19% Japanese Millet
19% Brown Top Millet
10% Buckwheat


Large Lad Forage Soybeans

A bit taller than Big Fellow with good browse tolerance. Leaves stay green until first hard freeze (usually around mid October)
50 lb. Bag Broadcast 2/3 Acre, Drilled 1 Acre


Big Fellow Forage Soybeans

Leaf size a bit larger than Large Lad with a little more protein. Leaves stay green until first hard freeze (usually around mid October)
50 lb. Bag Broadcast 2/3 Acre, Drilled 1 Acre


Roundup Ready Corn

106 Day Maturity. Flat kernel.
49 lb bag. 80,000 Kernels Per Bag Drills 3 Acres


Convential Ag Soybean

50 lb bag. 140,000 Seeds Per Bag Drills 1 Acre


Buck Monster Forage Wheat

A winter wheat. Plant from August to September.
50 lb. Bag sows 3/4 Acres


Wildlife Managers Mix North Blend

Contains 25% Large Lad,
25% Big Fellow,
20% Grp 0 Ag Soybean,
20% Grp 2 Ag Soybean,
10% Whitetail Thicket Climbing Soybean
50 lb. Bag Broadcast 2/3 Acre, Drilled 1 Acre


Wildlife Managers Mix Midwest Blend

Contains 25% Large Lad,
25% Big Fellow,
20% Grp 3 Ag Soybean,
20% Grp 4 Ag Soybean,
10% Whitetail Thicket Climbing Soybean
50 lb. Bag Broadcast 2/3 Acre, Drilled 1 Acre


6-24-24 Fertilizer

Great for Soybeans and Corn.

46-0-0 Fertilizer

Nitrogen for Corn.
50 lb. Bag Covers 1/5 Acre $25.00

50 lb. Bag Covers 1/5 Acre $25.00

Bag of Innoculant

Helps seeds germinate and grow.
Treats 50 pound bag of seed.


Buccaneer Plus Herbicide Concentrate

Buccaneer Plus Innoculant (Generic Roundup) Mixes with water. Kills weeds while your plants grow strong. Buccaneer Plus Innoculant
2 1/2 gallon jug treats 6 acres.

Whitetail Buck Feeding
Corn that is 12 feet tall
Roundup Ready Eagle Seeds
Scouting soybeans for bigger antlers
Roundup Ready Eagle Seeds
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